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One of the most common concerns we hear about installing a new BBQ is how to effectively control usage of the BBQ. In most situations push-button ignition is sufficient, however key operated or coin operated BBQs certainly will provide better usage control. There are pros and cons to each but a coin operated BBQ will require perhaps the most consideration.

Advantages of Coin Operated BBQs

The main advantage of installing a coin operated BBQ is being able to charge for the use of it. This can help to pay for the initial investment as well as the ongoing running costs. A coin operated BBQ also prevents people from abusing BBQ usage since the running time on the units are preset and a coin is required for each time period. This helps to ensure fair for all access, prevents usage by non-intended persons and has the added advantage that children will be unlikely to attempt starting the BBQ. Coin operated BBQs will also prevent inadvertent use or usage by malicious intent therefore saving unnecessary running costs. This may or may not be a consideration in your location but can be a huge issue for some.

  • Helps pay for BBQ investment
  • Helps pay for ongoing running costs
  • Set run time per coin means fair access for all
  • Prevents usage by non-paying or non-intended persons
  • Prevents usage by malicious intent saving unnecessary running costs

Disadvantages of Coin Operated BBQs

Wherever there is money in an open unattended public space there comes the possibility of vandalism and theft. This is a major disadvantage of installing a coin operated BBQ and is something that needs to be carefully considered. Additionally, BBQ users will need to be organised with the correct change which can be a source of inconvenience and frustration (even if you provide a money changer service). You will need to weigh this up against the benefits a coin operated BBQ offers. After all, the end user of the BBQ is the reason it is installed in the first place!

  • Possibility of vandalism and theft
  • Users need correct change to operate
  • May be inconvenient & frustrating for users to get change
  • May need to provide a money changer service

Other Considerations for Coin Operated BBQs

If you decide a coin operated BBQ is right for your installation, here’s a couple of options you will need to consider:

  • What coin size will you use?
  • What running time will you set?

A $1 or $2 coin is usually used but the mechanism can be designed to work with any coin. What you choose greatly depends on the reason for installing a coin operated BBQ. For example, if your aim is to cover running costs then you may choose $2 and set the timer to reflect the running time that $2 will cover. Which brings us to the second option – running time. The running time in our coin operated BBQs is factory set to 13 minutes but this is fully adjustable to your preference. You will need to consider in your situation what will be a fair running time for the coin you require.

If you like the idea of having greater control over the use of the BBQ but don’t wish to charge the user or perhaps you just don’t want the hassle of collecting money or providing change, you could use a token in place of the coin. This often eliminates many of the disadvantages of coin operated BBQs but still provides a way to control usage. Of course, you will still need to take the provision of tokens into account however does provide a great alternative.

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