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Built in Park BBQ with Brickwork

PARKQUIP offers a variety of some of the best built in BBQ product options for building barbecues into your Australia location. Overall there are four main styles of barbecues to choose from.

In our Park Pro range you will find the Queen Plate and the King Plate hotplates. These barbeques are suitable for brick in construction, custom built enclosures or for installation into a suitable cabinet. They come as a complete unit so that the associated controls and adjustments necessary are all provided for easy installation. The door secures the controls and also hides the drip container for excess fats.

PARKQUIP offer some of the best built in BBQ units across Australia. Our best built in BBQ the King hotplate provides approximately 90% more cooking area than the Queen and is available in both gas and electric operation. The Queen hotplate is available electric operation only.

For an alternate style of built in barbeque installation our environmentally friendly range has a drop in style inbench unit that has all of the controls attached to the unit. The inbench built in BBQ uses 50% less energy than current technology in Australia. You can use any method you like to conceal the drip bucket. This built in BBQ unit is all stainless construction and has audio visual indicators to confirm functions.

We also offer the commercial quality Hercules Hotplate Built In BBQ designed for large volume cooking, however it is not fully automatic and is not designed for installation in unattended public spaces. The Hercules Hotplate comes in a LPG or Natural Gas model, providing you with greater choice when deciding on the unit suited for your project. The barbeque would normally be mounted on a suitable tabletop or bench.

PARKQUIP built in BBQ units are manufactured with style, use and durability in mind. With coin or key operation options available you will get the best built in BBQ you require for your park or outdoor area. We offer safe and reliable units that will complement the outdoor atmosphere you are trying to create.


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