Park Pro Double Cabinet Commercial Park BBQ
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    Park Pro Double Cabinet BBQ

    The Park Pro Double Cabinet unit will easily accommodate large gatherings in any setting with its impressive cabinet size and stainless steel bench top designed to hold two barbeques plus provide additional space for food preparation and service.

    Delivered fully assembled the cabinet can be fitted with two electric Queen size hotplates or two of the larger King size hotplates in your choice of electric, LPG or natural gas. The Queen and King hotplates come standard with push button ignition or optionally with key or coin operated ignition.

    The cabinet is available in both stainless steel and powder-coated cladding. Custom clad colours are available on request – view the Dulux Colour Selector Brochure for additional colour options. Please note that not all colours are available or are suitable for high UV exposure.

    Read more about the features of the Park Pro Double Cabinet Park BBQ below and request a free quote today.

    • Available in Electric
    • Available in Gas
    • 2 Year Commercial Warranty

    The Park Pro Double Cabinet BBQ features:

    • Large impressive cabinet built to hold two BBQs plus serving area
    • Fully galvanised frame
    • Galvanised and powder-coated cladding in traditional Hawthorn Green (other colour options available)
    • Commercial grade 304 stainless steel bench top, idea food preparation area
    • Available with any King-size or Queen-size BBQ
    • Delivered fully assembled
    • Stainless steel cladding also available
    • Overall Dimensions: 2070mm (L) x 750mm (D) x 950mm (H)

    Overall Dimensions:

    • 2070mm (L) x 750mm (D) x 950mm (H)

    The Park Pro Double Cabinet BBQ is Available in:

    • Queen-size or King-size plate
    • Gas BBQ or Electric BBQ
    • Push-Button, Key or Coin Operated BBQ

    Other Options:

    • Customised colour option for powder coated clad cabinets

    Important Safety Considerations for Public Area BBQs

    Public area BBQs often experience issues with misuse which are commonly caused by the overall design of the BBQ unit or because of incorrect use by inexperienced or careless operators. Below are some important factors to consider when choosing a BBQ for your new or existing BBQ installation.

    Domestic BBQs:

    • Domestic style BBQs usually run on gas with controls located at the front of the BBQ which can be easily reached by children.
    • Misuse of gas BBQs can occur if the gas valves are accidentally or deliberately left on causing you a loss of gas but also creating the potential for a fire or explosion.
    • Misuse can occur by leaving the gas running for too long before attempting ignition creating the potential for an explosion and/or burns.
    • Misuse can be in the form of leaking connections on bottles or in the piping.
    • Contamination of gas burners can cause improper flaming of the gas resulting in a possible fire hazard.

    All of the above issues have happened and are very real factors to be considered. If you are an operator or provider of public access BBQ facilities we strongly urge you to consider these issues from the point of safety and also your liability. No one wants to see people, especially children, injured in any way and particularly if it can be easily avoided.

    All of our BBQs are made to conform to Australia standards but in addition our Commercial style BBQs are specifically designed with inbuilt features that lower the risk of the issues outlined above. Although they are more expensive than their domestic counterparts, they will certainly provide an increase in the overall level of safety.

    Commercial BBQs:

    • Conform to Australian standards.
    • Designed with the safety features inbuilt to avoid all but touching a hot plate.
    • Fitted with an inbuilt timer which means the BBQs cannot be left on indefinitely.
    • Gas cannot be left running and incorrect ignition is not possible by design.
    • Simplistic operation means essentially all the operator needs to do is press a button and the rest is under your control.
    • Key operation and coin-operation is available for extra control.

    Please note:

    • Specifications and features can vary slightly between BBQ models – please refer to the individual details for each BBQ for full information.
    • We always recommend that children are fully supervised by a responsible adult in areas where a BBQ has been installed.
    • It remains the responsibility of the BBQ owner to ensure that the BBQ is installed according to the instructions provided and that the condition of the BBQ is kept clean and in good working order.

    At PARKQUIP We Stand Behind Our Great Australian Made Products

    Our great range of outdoor commercial park BBQs are proudly 100% Australian made and built tough for Australian conditions. They are designed with durability, ease of use and minimal maintenance in mind.

    We use quality commercial 304 grade stainless steel for hotplates and benchtops and after construction all of our BBQs are hot-dipped galvanised to minimise corrosion.

    With over 25 years of experience building barbeques for the great Australian outdoor climate, all of our designs have been tested in service for many years.

    All of our barbeques are backed by our 2 year commercial warranty and come with full parts back up. If you would like more information about our warranty please contact us and request a copy of our full warranty terms and conditions.


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