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Frequently Asked Questions

At PARKQUIP we know you will have many questions before deciding to invest in your new park BBQ with us. We also know you want your questions answered fast! That’s why we’ve complied the answers to our most frequently asked questions right here on our Product Support page.

We also understand that every park BBQ purchase varies in some small way and you will likely have further questions specific to you. Please feel free to review the answers to our most frequently asked questions below and then contact us with any additional information you require. That’s what we’re here for – to help ensure you choose the best BBQ for you!

What is best - Stainless Steel or Powder-Coated?

It depends – Stainless is very durable but will still show spots occasionally whereas Powder Coated finish will over time tarnish and it can be chipped or scratched. Powder coated is however easier to clean and can be made to match your surroundings.


Eco-i BBQs are all stainless construction for cladding, tabletop and hotplates. Other BBQs are mild steel framed, constructed welded then hot-dipped galvanised and clad with either powder-coated or stainless sheeting.

Should I choose Gas or Electric?

This really depends on your circumstances – if electricity is available at your location we recommend that option as it is cheaper and easier to maintain. Our electric BBQs are powered by large heaters that will heat quickly and cook well. They can be adjusted thermostatically.


Note: Gas BBQs have a 12v battery for operation which requires charging from time to time by using the supplied wall charger. This can be done by removing battery and charging from any wall socket, however if possible it is better to provide a GPO in the cabinet so the charger can be left on the battery. This makes it simpler for the operator.

Can I adjust the cooking time preset?


Can I get parts for my BBQ?

Yes, we stock a full range of parts and can supply all parts in the unlikely event you have a problem.

What size BBQs are available?

We have 3 hotplate sizes available – our Queen size (575 x 575mm) and King size (790 x 700mm) in the Park Pro Range and our Inbench hotplate (575 x 575mm) in our ECO-i Range. Please note that the cooking area for the King size plate represents a 90% increase on the Queen.


Ready-made and pre-assembled cabinets are available in both Stainless Steel and Powder-Coated and cabinets can also be made to special sizes.

What are the power requirements?

3.5KW require a 16Amp circuit and the 6KW requires a 32Amp circuit.

How do I install the BBQ?

Cabinet and Pedestal BBQs are simply bolted to a concrete base. Brick in and built in models require you to build a brick or other material surround around the BBQ.

What is the warranty?

Our products carry a two year warranty – for full details please ask us to send you a warrant information card.

Where are your BBQs made?

All of our BBQs are constructed in Australia.

Can I use Natural or Town Gas?

Yes – just specify your requirements and we shall provide the correct units.

Where do you ship to?

We can arrange transport worldwide. Please note that the BBQs are delivered fully assembled so they can weigh a considerable amount. Consideration needs to be given for access and handling the BBQs on site. We recommend hiring a couple of piano trolleys to move the BBQs around prior to installation.

What about vandalism?

Our BBQs are strong and designed for unattended use in public areas. Although built tough a real deliberate attack can still damage the BBQ and/or its cabinet.

What are the BBQ control options?

You can choose between push-button, key control or coin-operation.