Eco-friendly BBQs

    This stylish, modern and innovative range of eco barbeques provide an environmentally responsible and sustainable barbeque solution for those looking to create an eco-friendly recreational area.

    All of the cabinet models featured in this eco range by Greenplate® offer full stainless steel construction and come fully assembled for ease of installation. The all stainless steel cabinets are fitted with the Inbench BBQ unit by Greenplate® – the ultimate eco barbeque known for its safety, durability and premium cooking results.

    Considered an environmental breakthrough in barbeque design, these patented eco friendly barbeque units have technical qualities that provide considerable savings over the life of the product through efficient energy consumption and lower installation costs.

    Greenplate® Inbench hotplates use up to 70% less energy than existing technology. Using only 1800 watts for one hour of cooking it directs constant heat across the entire cooking surface and maintains it. With its unique sealed quad layer ceramic insulation, virtually all of the heat is forced upward to the cooking surface, improving the performance even more. All of these features are controlled by state of the art purpose designed electronic components with consumer resettable fault protection.

    The all stainless steel Greenplate® inbench barbeque unit is designed to fit into any of the Myles, Milo or Matilda Greenplate® cabinets and can also easily replace existing barbeques with little or no modification to the bench – perfect for retrofit installations.

    If you are looking for safety, reliability, durability, performance, energy efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance this all stainless steel eco range is an obvious choice.


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